Sex: Male
Breed: Aspin (Filipino street dog)
Age: 8 years old
Size: 25 lbs
Health: Good

Ideal Match: Someone looking for a loving companion


This dog! He is amazing.
He started life as a stray in the Philippines. He was quickly picked up and landed at the pound. Unfortunately people there seldom adopt dogs so he remained caged for seven long years. Eventually a fantastic group of American volunteers met him and decided to help him find a life in the U.S.
Since arriving at LCAL he has been thriving in a foster home and learning how to be a dog. He seems to have sloughed off the trauma of his past life easily. Rather than being afraid of everything he is open, playful and curious. He weighs about 25 lbs and is approximately 8 years old.
His foster mom just loves him.  Everything about being a pet is new to this guy but he is eager to please and learns quickly. He seems to get along with every person or dog he meets and he’s shown little prey instinct with birds. Cats are probably fine too. He appears to like kids and is never less than gentle.
Blessings’s perfect family will be one who wants a really loving dog. He’ll be as active and frisky as he’s allowed to be but he’s not in the least bit high strung. If you’re looking for a great dog who will love you unconditionally and give you lots of affection Blessing might be your perfect best friend.