Artie – 2/yo male Boxer.

When we got the call from our rescue partners at Animal Friends of the Valleys about these two young Boxers that were left in the night drop at the shelter, we knew immediately we needed to help.  Welcome Artie and Asia — two young Boxers with a horrible case of demodex mange that had gone untreated for far too long.   Fortunately, this type of mange is highly treatable and is not contagious, and we’ve had great results in healing dogs with this condition.  Asia’s medical intake showed she had a low-grade heart murmur, and she just had her echocardiogram with the canine cardiologist.  Artie has some mild entropion issues with his eyes, but the doctors do not want to start treatment until we get his skin issues cleared up first.  Asia is 10 months young, Artie is 2 years old.  While they seem to enjoy being kenneled together, they are not bonded and do well with other dogs.  They are both super playful and affectionate!  Interested in learning more about or adopting, please submit an online application from our website.