Sing along with us — “You want your BB back – BB back — BB back!”   🙂

BB’s story:  This gorgeous little brindle spitfire came to us as an owner surrender after her prior owner moved in with family, and family’s other dogs were attacking her.   She was originally used to breed and produce puppies, but after one of her litters, the doctors said she should no longer have puppies, so the breeders spayed her and adopted her out to the second family.  She lived with another Boxer in her second family (male Boxer) with zero issues.  She was trained by remote collar for SOUND — he would ride his mountain bike through the trails, and the Boxers would run off leash, enjoying their exercise and adventures.  When he would use the remote “call” (sound) on the collar, she was trained to return to him wherever he was on his bike.  He described her as being dog friendly and he takes her to dog parks and dog beaches.  So we met at a dog park, and she did great!  She immediately went into a foster home with a Mastiff and another Boxer (male and female), and during her two-week foster, she had zero issues — she even pack fed with the other dogs.

She went on a sleepover with family who had a young male Boxer, and BB and that Boxer fell madly in love and played like there was no tomorrow.  But a few days into having BB, the potential adopter took her to a new place where she pet sits several other dogs.  She described that when she went to feed the dogs, BB scrapped with another female dog, so … BB was given back to us and went back into her foster home with the Mastiff and the other female Boxer.

BB’s foster mom describes BB as wanting to be the leader of the pack, and she’s very excitable and energetic when stimulated to play, feed, get treats, etc.  But outside of enticing her to play or react, she is the most mellow, sweet, affectionate Boxer girl and has had zero issues with her.   She DOES obsess a bit over her toys, especially plush toys, so …. she just needs someone savvy enough to know her facial expressions and body language to know when she’s getting “bossy,” and she LISTENS and backs off when you give her a verbal “Ah-ah!”  She also plays rough — bounces her entire body weight off of you and can nibble/nip, so we don’t suggest her in a home with small children.  She loves to rough-house and will stop when asked or when you stop.  She will not start a fight, but if another dog growls at her or comes at her, she will go into defense mode and won’t back down (probably due to being attacked so often by the dogs in her previous home).  She is petite — only 47 pounds — pulls a little bit on leash when you first start your walk but then relaxes and walks beautifully; rides perfectly in the car; uses the doggie door (100% potty trained); she used to be in dog shows; she turns 4 in July 2017.   And… those EARS!!!  <3