Beautiful one-blue-eyed Blanca is a 15-weeks-young deaf Boxer puppy who came to us through a group of rescue advocates, trying to make sure she did not end up in the wrong hands.  Blanca was born without the ability to hear, so although she’s thriving and living like a normal healthy Boxer pup, she will need a special family who understands how to train and work with deaf dogs (hand signals, specialty paging collars, etc.).  More importantly, she needs to find a family who has other hearing dogs in the home in order that she have a hearing companion.  We do not recommend deaf dogs to go to families with small children, as deaf dogs often startle easily when sleeping or when children walk up from behind them.  She is currently spending time with several other dogs in her foster home, learning how to walk on a leash, being crate trained and learning hand signals.  Her foster mom reports that she is 90% potty trained and knows how to use the doggie door!  If you have familiarity with working with special needs dogs and are looking to adopt Blanca, please inquire at  Requirements are homes with no small children, homes with a YARD for her to run (she will be an exceptionally LARGE Boxer girl); a family who knows she needs sunscreen when outdoors, and a family that is Boxer savvy/experienced with special needs dogs and has at least one other playful and obedient dog currently in the home to learn from.
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