We pulled Camille recently from the County Department of Animal Services in Carlsbad after she was adopted then returned.  She was transferred from the central shelter on Gaines St., and she was adopted, but the adopter brought her back, saying she was aggressive with the neighbor’s dog.  We don’t have any other details about how the interact went, but we did ask the shelter staff to test her dog-to-dog behaviors, and they sent us several video clips of her doing great with other dogs in the play yard (she was tested with male dogs).  She is approximately 7 years young, and whatever her “blend” is (?) has created a gorgeous tri-color bluish and tan coat – maybe a blue fawn!  😉  She has a natural tail and ears, and she also came to us with some skin issues which we are assessing with our veterinary staff.  She has settled in nicely at our adoption center and is awaiting her visit with our vet and then her furrever home!  Interested in meeting Camille?  Submit your adoption application from our website.  Further information available at “info@lastchanceatlife.org”