Captain Jack came to us through a good samaritan who found him roaming around a construction site out in the desert.  He had been there for several days, and the locals all said he’s been a stray for some time.  He had a few gouges on his shoulders — looks to be some sort of chemical burns — he was stinky and filthy, but we could see he had the sweetest disposition.  He just completed his medical intake, and unfortunately we discovered he has tested positive for heart worms.  Team LCAL will provide him the best medical treatment in hopes to cure him from the heartworms, but this could be somewhat of a long process … with no guarantees.  We estimate his age to be approximately 4-5 years young.  He’s been good with the dogs he’s met in the short couple of days he’s been with us.  Check back here or with our adoption coordinators to learn how his recovery is going.  If you are interested in fostering or foster-to-adopt, please submit an application through our website as well.  Questions can be submitted to “”

Update: September 2017, Captain is nearing the final round of his heart worm treatments and things are looking up for him!  Once cleared on this final round, he’ll be good as new and back to regular activity levels.  He has fast become a volunteer favorite at our adoption center and would LOVE to find his forever home!