Beautiful Cora recently joined the LCAL family after being pulled from the Bonita shelter.  She was considered a medical case since she came in with a large mass under her chin/neck area.  We will have the tumor surgically removed, and we’re hoping and praying that her lab results do not return showing mast cells.  Either way, even after being used as a breeding machine then dumped, she is so loving and forgiving with the SWEETEST disposition!  All of our volunteers who have met her have all fallen in love with her and commented about what a sweet girl she is.  She’s calm, wiggles when she’s happy, and just wants to be next to her humans. She’s wonderful on leash and on car rides too!  She’s been good with other dogs while in our care.  We do not know how she is around children at this time.  She’s approximately 4-5 years of age. Gorgeous fawn with black mask — approximately 50 pounds.  Check back with our adoption coordinator for updates on her labwork and medical exams/surgery.  Looking for the sweetest Boxer to add to your family?  Cora is your girl!
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