Lastchanceatlife Eleven D3x 1924b Lastchanceatlife Eleven D3x 1967b Lastchanceatlife Eleven D3x 1987bLCAL’s biggest mission in animal rescue is saving the ones that are overlooked due to medical needs, and ELEVEN is no exception!  We pulled her from the Bonita shelter after she was deemed not-for-public adoption due to a heart murmur.  She found herself there as a stray at only 5 weeks of age.  Did the person who had her know this about her heart?  Did she simply stray away and no one came looking for her?  Either way, she was still too young to be away from her mama dog and litter mates, if she had any.  So many questions … and no answers.  But THIS MUCH we know — she is now an LCAL pup, and we welcome her, heart murmur and all!  We’ve completed an echocardiogram with the cardiologist last week, and she was diagnosed with severe pulmonic valve stenosis — a grade V/VI systolic murmur.   With a heart condition like this, unfortunately, Eleven’s lifespan will be greatly shortened.  She could live another two months or she could live another two years.  If she lives to be 10 months old, we can do another procedure called a balloon valvuloplasty on her, which may help give her a longer lifespan.   For now, she is all puppy — playful, silly, eating well, and chewing on everything she can sink her little razor sharp puppy teeth into!  🙂  She is currently being fostered with one of our volunteers in a home with another Boxer and a Mastiff.  We’d love to find a forever home or hospice foster for her.  Her dark eyes and loving personality will surely keep you smiling every – single – day she walks this earth!   Questions/inquiries – “”

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