This beautiful soulful-eyed Boxer gal came to us through another rescue foundation out of Los Angeles in late June.  We don’t have a lot of history on her other than someone located her (with her human) living a car, and the human was distraught and getting ready to take them to a shelter in Los Angeles.  That person then reached out to rescue groups in Los Angeles, and a wonderful lady at The Forgotten Dog Foundation was kind enough to have Ella brought to her veterinarian in West Hollywood where Ella could be reviewed by the doctors for general overall health, and they boarded her there until another rescue group could take her. She was networked to our group since we focus on saving Boxers, and … here she is!  She is approximately 4 years of age, looks like she’s had a few litters of puppies, but she is in otherwise good condition.  She is in good health and is scheduled to be spayed, then she is ready for her forever home.  She is good with other dogs and she has the sweetest, calm and loving disposition!   Our photographer had her on free-roam in the building for a couple hours this week, and she described Ella as the epitome of the perfect female Boxer — she stood by the door, wanting to do for a walk or for an adventure, she stood “guard” at the door whenever strangers would walk by, letting me know she’s uncertain about who is out there, she freely accepted hugs and affection throughout the day and LOVED getting yummy treats to pose for her photos!
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