Elliott is a gorgeous, 9 month-old Cane Corso who came to us with a very sad situation.  He was purchased at a pet store in National City (San Diego), and within a few months of growing, he developed luxating patellas on both hind legs, causing his legs to grow inward and, as he increased in size and weight, his condition worsened.  His family couldn’t afford the orthopedic surgery that he would need, so they brought him to the county shelter to be euthanized.

*side note* If you think those cute puppies at pet stores are healthy and from reputable breeders, think again.  Elliott is the PRIME example of bad breeding, puppy mills, and overall poor breeding and his breeders should NEVER continue to breed from this genetic line.

LCAL to the rescue – he is now with us and scheduled to repair the first leg/knee on July 6th.   He is approximately 110 lbs, and when you see him walk, he tucks his rear under his carriage/body and has poor balance, not to mention he’s feeling a very painful walk.  Please see Elliott’s GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for his very expensive surgeries.

Elliott is great with all dogs and just the most lovable big guy — he has a super soft, gorgeous brindle coat, and he loves affection from his human friends!

He will need a special foster home or adoptive home that will be patient with him while he recovers from both surgeries.  The orthopedic surgeon believes he should have a pretty good outcome from his repair surgeries, but he will likely not be good for strenuous exercises, jumping, running, etc.

Interested in fostering or adopting our Elliott?  Contact “info@lastchanceatlife.org” for more info.