Gucci – an adorable red-nose Staffordshire Terrier — came to us from SD Animal Control after being starved by his negligent prior owner. Thanks to the amazing staff there, they helped get Gucci’s weight back to normal and helped him recover from his wounds from the other dog that would attack him in his prior home.  Even though Gucci had a rough start in life, he is the most forgiving, loving, and playful young hooligan you could ever wish for!  He is quickly becoming a favorite of our volunteers, and we can’t wait to introduce you to him!  He’s wonderful with all dogs and humans he meets!  Only a year old, he’s got many years of love and affection to still give!  <3  Lastchanceatlife Gucci RedCarpet D3X 6401 Lastchanceatlife Gucci RedCarpet D3X 6454 Lastchanceatlife Gucci D3X 6335 Lastchanceatlife Gucci D3X 6390Lastchanceatlife Gucci DSC 7738 Lastchanceatlife Gucci DSC 7753