Oh, Luuuccceeee!  You’ve got some splainin’ to do!  As it is our TOP priority to seek out forever homes for our adoptable pets, we sometimes need to take back one of our prior adoptables … back into our care.  One of the benefits of adopting from a reputable rescue like LCAL is that if for some reason you can no longer care for your adopted LCAL pet, we will ALWAYS take them back into our care, regardless of the length of time or the reason you must return them.  THAT is how sweet Lucy Pup found her way back to us this April 2017.  (See her original bio/post from July of 2016 below).  She’s spent the past 9 months in her new home with another female Bulldog blend, and in recent weeks, they have begun to start getting into fights, and Lucy Pup was going to be on the losing end of those fights if they continued.  After calling in a trainer/behaviorist to assess and give recommendations, if the situation is no longer manageable and the dog(s) are in danger of being hurt or injured, we would prefer the dog comes back to us so we can re-home our animals in a more appropriate home.  It’s not that uncommon for young dogs who have not reached sexual maturity to get along fine with dogs, and as they mature, they can sometimes grow into their true personalities where that can be a threat to the other dog(s) in the home as they establish dominance or their “order” in the pack.  We suspect that may be the case with Lucy Pup.  She’s been placed back into her original foster home where she is co-existing beautifully with a male Mastiff and a female Boxer.  During her brief stint at the adoption center, we housed her with Shamrock, another young male Boxer, and they got along without issue.  Shamrock was too pushy with his food, so we ended up bringing her back out to avoid her developing any new fear behaviors.  Her foster family will continue to test her with new situations (food/toys/new places/new faces) as she awaits her new forever home.  Just as described below, she STILL LOVES to play!  Her current foster buddies are a little older and not as active/playful, so she tends to whine and whimper as if to say she’s bored and wants to go out for a walk or a run and play, play, play!  She loves to rough-house with her foster humans and nip at hands and feet, so we would be cautious of those behaviors with small children in the home.  It’s ALL PLAY, but we don’t recommend that (too rambunctious) for small children or toddlers.

(July 2016)

Sweet Lucy Pup just joined the LCAL Family this week (July 14, 2016).  She was purchased at a pet store by an elderly lady who recently had a fall and broke her hip, and the lady could no longer care for this young pup with LOTS of energy.  Lucy Pup is 8 months young, great with all dogs, and has the cutest natural ears and TAIL!  She does need a family who will commit to daily exercise for her and put her through some puppy training.  She’s bouncy, jumpy, and has clearly had no boundary training. HOWEVER … she is very smart and wants to learn — picks up commands quickly, and she’s just so funny — she’ll make you smile and laugh all day long!  She is 90% potty trained.  She is also crate and kennel trained.  Loves to go into her crate on her own when she’s ready to rest.  She would love another young K9 sibling to play with!  She’s currently in a foster home with three other dogs and is learning how to be part of a pack.  Lastchanceatlife LucyPup D3X 7110b Lastchanceatlife LucyPup D3X 7116 Lastchanceatlife LucyPup D3X 7118