Lydia is a gorgeous brindle/white female Boxer who came to us from a backyard breeder situation.  She was used to produce several litters of puppies, and when she became an inconvenience to the breeders, they tried to sell her on Craigslist so that someone else could continue to breed her. Well, we believe Lydia deserves a better life than that, and we are thrilled that she is now in our care and will no longer be required to produce puppies.  She is good with all dogs and kids.  She has textbook “mama dog” behaviors — loyal, protective, a bit pushy, and OH so sweet!  She’s wonderful on leash.  A little nervous on car rides.  Likes to enjoy her meals and treats away from the pack.  She’s approximately 4 years young, 65 lbs.   She would make a wonderful companion, as she is VERY attentive to your every move!  🙂  Lastchanceatlife Lydia D3X 6912 Lastchanceatlife Lydia D3X 7097 Lastchanceatlife Lydia D3X 7128b Lastchanceatlife Watson Lydia FosterMaisy D3X 6959