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Marisol is one of the sweetest, loving souls you may ever meet.  She has been staying with an LCAL foster since being rescued from the streets of L.A. This has been great for her because she’s had a chance to learn the kindness of humans and how nice it is to have a safe place to stay and regular meals.

Survival on the streets required her to practice caution when faced with new things and this is probably never going to completely leave her.  She may always startle at a loud noise or a new busy environment. But she is ALL love. Just in a subtle way.


Her boundless optimism has her ever ready to head out on any leash adventure. She enjoys meeting new people but will always prefer it best if they’re willing to reach out and show her gentle kindness first rather than waiting for bouncy doggie love from her. She’s eager to please and seems to learn quickly.

If you’d like a companion who will wish nothing more from you than your steady companionship and a few adventures, you’ll definitely want to meet Marisol.



Great with almost all other dogs (better off leash)

Will probably do best if a crate is always provided as a safe haven

A slip leash is best to allow her human to have ultimate control in scary situations. (she prefers it this way)

She is about 7-8 years old

If you are interested in Marisol please contact our adoption coordinator:    Lastchanceatlife Marisol RedCarpet D3X 5857

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