This total “rock star legend” was found with a whole litter of fluffy puppies by a good Samaritan who then offered to foster mom and pups as long as she had a rescue backing her.  Well, after seeing these faces, how could we say ‘no’??  Monique and her pups were fostered for several weeks while awaiting the proper time to the weaning period, and now all the pups (except two) have been adopted, and Monique is ready for her forever home too!  We believe her to be a terrier blend, weighing in at approximately 12 lbs, with the best ’80s hair we’ve seen in a long time!  Check out those highlights!  Rod Stewart would have serious hair-envy — just sayin’  😉

Monique herself is still young, maybe 3 years at most, and she is the calmest, sweetest, non-barking lovey-dovey dog!  She’s great on leash, crate trained, good in the car, good with dogs, and she loves to be held and receive affection.