We pulled Mr. Wilson from the shelter in Imperial County during one of our visits a few weeks ago.  He found himself there as a stray, very underweight, all teeth missing, shivering in a cage … and near death.  The doctors estimate his age to be 15 years young (FIF-TEEN!), and after all his medical work at MABH in Oceanside, he’s feeling MUCH better, gaining weight (with all that soft food), and enjoying life in his foster home.  He is good with all dogs and kids.  New locations/noises/smells make him nervous, but once he’s comfortable and not in fear of something awful happening to him, he’s all love and cuddles!  His foster mom says he loves to cuddle and seeks all the affection anyone’s able to provide to him.  Interested in meeting Mr. Wilson?  Submit your online application from our website to schedule a meet-and-greet!