Sweet and Sassy — that is our sweet Pearl!  She is a young 8-9-month-old Boxer pup who came to us from Animal Friends of the Valleys after being left in the night drop with her Boxer buddy Artie in early 2017.  She was quickly adopted by a loving family, but unfortunately, as Pearl is developing into her first year of life, she is starting to show signs of aggression towards the other older Boxer in the home and has started to have scuffles … having to do with dominance.  The family is working with a trainer to help them work through the issues, but they have asked us to help them re-home her as they have small children in the home and are not set up to keep them separated long-term with kids in the home.  They have offered to foster her until a new home can be located for her.

One of our board members recently had Pearl in her home for one week while Pearl’s family went on vacation.  Pearl got along great with the other submissive female in the home but did try to dominate and got into a couple scuffles with the male dog in the home — always in an effort to dominate/lead.   They could co-exist just fine throughout the day without issue, but if both were going for the same toy or if the mailman came to the door and the male dog did his usual “guarding” (barking and running towards the door), Pearl would “amp up” with the male dog and try to show him SHE is the boss.  Once we figured out what her triggers were, we were able to avoid those confrontations.  The fact that Pearl is deaf could be one of the main reasons why she is going from fear/unkown to “control” behaviors so rapidly.

She did come to us with horrible demodectic mange, and she has cleared all of that and her entire coat has grown in now … with the exception of she still has some faded/balding spots on her head/face areas.  She’s otherwise healthy and spunky and very much a puppy!  She would best as either an only dog in the home or in a home with a submissive, non-confrontational dog.  Interested in meeting Pearl?  Submit your online adoption application and our adoption coordinators will be in touch and will answer any questions you may have then will set up a meet-and-greet.