Pistachio is an adult female Double Yellow Headed Amazon who came to the LCAL rescue from an

owner who could no longer care for her. She is hand tame, and quite confident! She is an excellent talker

who talks pretty much all day. Her vocabulary is amazing! Pistachio suffers from separation anxiety. Her

former owner spent a lot of time with her on his shoulder wherever he went. She would do best with a

person who works from home or is retired and has a lot of time to interact with her. She enjoys head

scratches and likes to watch tv for hours! Pistachio is considered a loud amazon and would not be

appropriate for an apartment or condo. If left alone she will squawk for a little while until she calms down.

Pistachio is 33 years old which makes her a little older than a teenager in bird years. Pistachio has had

an exam and has been tested for common parasites and diseases and all tests came back healthy! If you

or someone you know is interested in adopting or fostering Pistachio, please email

info@lastchanceatlife.org! Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


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