This 8-y/o gorgeous hunk of a Boxer came to us from the Irvine Animal Care Center last week after being surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him.  Sampson is a tall Boxer with a natural tail, and he has a couple of masses on him that we are having looked at by our veterinary team and making sure he doesn’t have anything serious going on with him medically.

Update June 1, 2018:  He had the masses removed and just had his stitches out this week!  Sampson lived most of his years as an outdoor dog, but his foster mom says he is 100% potty trained!  He is not destructive in the home. She can leave him unattended for over 8 hours indoors while she’s at work and he just happily waits for her to return.  He is currently being fostered with a female Boxer and a male Chihuahua.  We did see him interact with many dogs on Fiesta Island, too, and he was the perfect Boxer gentleman!  Sampson loves his walks and interacting with everyone he meets!  And he still plays with toys!

Interested in meeting Sampson?  Please submit an online adoption application and one of our adoption coordinators will be in touch!