Shamrock is a handsome 3/yo Boxer who found himself as a stray at the San Diego Humane Society.  Upon intake, the vets at SDHS located several masses on his left hock, and so they had them surgically removed.  He also had chest x-rays done, and there was nothing remarkable noted upon review.  The pathologist reports low-grade malignancy but high chance of local recurrence due to the inability to get good margins.  The other smaller masses were follicular cysts and excision is thought to be curative.  He’s got a very sweet disposition, and he’s been great with all the dogs we’ve introduced him to.  He was recently housed with Lucy Pup before she left for a foster home, and they played and got along great .. with the exception of Shamrock being a little overbearing with his food.  He’s been wonderful with our volunteers, walks beautifully on leash, and he’s going to make some lucky person VERY happy to add him to their family!  Submit adoption applications online to set up a meet-and-greet!