Abby Profile


Breed: Lab/Hound mix
Age: 4 years
Size:  55 lbs
Health: Limited use of left front limb due to nerve injury which is still showing improvement, healthy otherwise

Ideal Match: A calm, low traffic home with a family/person looking for a wonderful companion


Dear Abby will have all the answers for how to find unlimited love. This sweet girl was hit by a car in February and has some nerve damage to her left front leg. She avoids putting weight on the leg and will need some time and a calm home for her injury to heal. While she doesn’t yet have the strength to use it for walking, she does use it to prop on when laying down, to hold toys during play and to solicit affection. These types of injuries can improve with time and use so we are hopeful that this sweet girl continues to gain function as she has over the past month.

Abby is a sweet, shy girl who is timid with strangers at first but warms up quickly. She is a beautiful lab mix, about 4 years old and weighs about 55 pounds but would benefit from losing about 10 pounds. Abby’s ideal home would be with someone who has the availability to spend quality time with her and ideally be the only dog in the household because of her shy nature. However, from what we have seen here at the shelter she doesn’t react to other dogs, in fact she ignores them and prefers to be with her person (has not had direct dog testing, just when they pass near her kennel).  She can be sensitive to loud or sudden noises, but the security of a forever home should help this. Abby has a playful side which comes out when she finds herself able to trust the human in her company.  While she has an active side, she also enjoys lying nearby while her human works.  Abby will give back all the love you show her. She would do best in a low traffic home and children over 12 yrs of age are strongly recommended.  She is house trained, does well in her kennel and rides well in a car.