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NOW AVAILABLE. Our dogs that are displayed in the ‘Now Available’ section are either in foster with volunteers around San Diego County or at our Adoption Center/boarding facility and are immediately available for permanent adoption. Please check back often as our family is constantly changing.

MEDICAL/BEHAVIORAL RESCUE. Many of our Medical Rescues require continued medical and/or behavioral rehabilitation before they are ready to be rehomed. This may be a matter of weeks or months. Because of this, we do not accept applications on these dogs until they are ready and moved over to the Now Available section.

HOSPICE FOSTER. Our rescue also takes in dogs who are not able to be adopted out due to medical issues. We provide our Hospice Foster dogs with the care they need to live out the remainder of their lives with as much comfort as possible. We pay for their food, medical, etc., and our amazing foster families provide the love.



We are an organization dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals in San Diego County and surrounding communities. Most often these animals are facing euthanasia either because they have been in the shelter too long, or due to medical or behavioral needs.  

Our focus is medical and local. We take animals of all ages, helping those who have been overlooked — the older, the broken, the not-so-popular — we fix them medically, we nurture positive behaviors, and we seek out forever homes for them, however long that takes. We are truly their Last Chance at Life 

This section contains animals who are not ready for adoption due to one of the following situations.

Medical Hold

Dogs in this group are typically temporarily removed from the adoption list due to some kind of physical impairment for which they are undergoing treatment. We ultimately expect them to get well and be available for adoption in the future.

Behavioral Hold

Occasionally we take on animals that may have endured difficulties earlier in life that have left them fearful or unable to handle normal situations like meeting new people or responding appropriately to other dogs. For these dogs, we may enroll them in specialized behavioral programs to help them get back on track and available for adoption.


Dogs with terminal diseases such as cancer are placed in our hospice program to be looked after by carefully selected and time proven foster members. These special people make the ultimate commitment to our four-legged friends by staying the course with them through to the end of their lives.

Applications Not Accepted for the Below Dogs

Tater Tot

Hospice Foster 
Male | Shepherd Mix
6 years; 74 lbs
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About Tater Tot

Tater Tot was picked up as a stray in December 2021 by the San Jacinto Animal Shelter. He is a very sweet, well behaved boy but sadly, he has terminal cancer. 

Early examination revealed a benign fatty tumor on his abdomen, but soon after, more were found, one of which was a type of cancer – subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma. Additionally, a cystic mass was discovered on his colon but due to past difficulties in waking up from general anesthesia, the decision was made not to go down the surgical, radiation and chemo routes in favor of giving Tater Tot quality days for the remainder of his life with his beloved Hospice Foster Parent.

Mrs Maisel

Hospice Foster 
Female | Chihuahua Mix
11 year old; 19 lbs

About Mrs Maisel

Mrs Maisel has been diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma which is a cancer of the bladder. Surgical options are not good and chemotherapy would be intensive. We have chosen instead a less aggressive route using a medication that can slow the growth of the tumor. We have acquired this for her and she will be starting a daily regimen of it. We will be checking her labs along the way and hopefully, she has many more days of being spoiled by her foster mom and dad.

Please send Mrs Maisel your prayers and well-wishing.


Hospice Foster 
Female | Boxer
8 years old; 61 lbs

About Bonnie

During a recent medical examination of a growth under Bonnie’s tongue, we determined that she is also suffering from lung cancer. Unfortunately, due to the position of the lung mass and the stage of her condition, surgical options have all been ruled out as being overly intrusive and potentially life threatening.

Considering the findings, we agreed to approach Bonnie’s situation in a palliative manner – keep her comfortable, treat symptoms along the way as needed and appropriate and work to give her as many good days as possible. We ask you to send your positive thoughts and well wishing to this exceptional little being as she lives out her time with us.


Hooray! These are some of the pets we helped find new homes recently.

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, fosters, staff, thrift store volunteers and staff, and thrift store shoppers for helping change these lives for the better. These dogs were given another chance thanks to this incredible community full of people with big hearts for animals in need.

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