Adult Pet Adoption

When November rolls around each year we take time to celebrate the many blessings we’ve enjoyed. Pet people of course give thanks for their animal companions. This time of year, the holidays can prompt yearnings to adopt a new furry wonder.

Nothing beats puppies and kittens for fun. But senior citizen pets offer many advantages. Remember that small dogs and cats often live into their mid- to late-teens or early twenties, while larger dogs remain happy and vital at least a decade. Old fogey pets often have lots of love to share, so think about it. November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, so what better time to discuss the eight benefits of mature pets?

1. Less Initial Cost
A mature dog or cat has already been spayed or neutered, and had routine vaccinations. Puppies and kittens are magnets for trouble, and suffer more injuries through nonstop play and exploration than sedate older pets.

2. Predictable Health
By the time a dog or cat reaches mature status, health or behavior problems will be apparent. That helps adopters plan and provide ways to keep seniors happy and comfortable rather than being surprised by an unexpected issue. For instance, a Dachshund with a history of back problems can be offered steps and ramps to reach the sofa and a beloved owner’s lap. Even with a health challenge, old fogey pets make wonderful companions.


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