Breed: Siberian Husky
Age: 6 months
Size: 46 lbs and growing
Health: Good overall, to be neutered, surgery for humeral fracture

Ideal Match: A fun and loving home willing to help this boy heal and invest in training


Alpha has such a great personality! He is sweet, engaging, affectionate and obedient. He is friendly with other dogs and he did well with kids in his prior home. He loves kisses, belly rubs and talking. He is healing from a leg injury currently, but he will be an active dog who needs to be properly exercised in his new home. Any yard will need 6 foot fences and secure gates.

Alpha had surgery to repair a humeral fracture. It went well and now he is focusing on healing in his foster home, complete with hugs, snuggles and physical therapy. After he has time to heal from surgery he will be able to use the leg normally as long as there are no complications. Only time will tell but he has a very high chance of returning to normal function.

Alpha’s adopter must be willing to continue training with him. He is a young, active pup, and like any young dog, he will need guidance and boundaries to grow into the best dog he can be.¬†We highly recommend taking a Rescue Adopter Certification Course ($75 with discount code) and/or completing a Puppy Training Package ($175 with discount code) with Dog Sense Training. We will email these codes to you after you become an approved adopter with LCAL.