Sex: Female
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog mix
Age: 1 year
Size: 53 lbs
Health: Good, intact

Ideal Match: A home looking for a sweet, fun, snuggly companion


Annie is a sweet, smart, playful girl that gets along great with other dogs. She has been playful and submissive with her foster brother, and accepts his cues when he is done playing. While she likes to play, she also likes to chill and nap in between pets and snuggles with her humans.

Annie needs continued training for jumping and a touch of mouthiness. So far she quickly accepts boundaries that are set and reinforced by her human (after a few corrections, she has been great about staying off counters and couches). She knows Sit and that good things happen when she does so! She is sleeping in her crate at nights as well as napping there once a day. She does great so long as someone is in the room with her.

Annie is doing great with the children in her foster home (ages 7 and 8). She is learning to sit for their pets, she gives them a soft wag and friendly licks, and within a day she started offering her belly to them for rubs. Because of a touch of mouthiness and playfulness, she may do best in a home with kids 5+. We’ll continue to assess whether we think she’d do well with younger kids too.
Annie needs patience and space to learn she’s safe, but if you let her check things out and come to you on her own terms, she will quickly relax and be ready to love you with everything she’s got!