Avian Surrender Questionnaire

*Minimum Relinquishment Fee: $150

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Relinquishment Form in its entirety. The information provided will help us understand your bird’s needs. Please do not hesitate to email with questions or assistance in completing this form.

Please note, if the Board approves your surrender request, we will require the following items to be brought in with your bird:

  1.  Current cage with toys and perches as they currently are for familiarity for the bird.
  2.  One 7-14 day supply of the pelleted or seed diet that is currently being fed.
  3.  Medical records and/or signed medical records release.


NOTE: We cannot not take in birds with human or other-animal aggressive behaviors. Further, we do not have fosters available for Moluccan or Umbrella Cockatoos, and will not be able to accept these specific breeds into our care.