Breed: Schnauzer-Dachsund mix
Age: 8 years
Size: 27 lbs
Health: Healthy, needs to lose some weight, neutered

Ideal Match: Someone looking for a cute little guy to hang out with!


Bailey is a fun dog with a neat and unique striped coat. He is a curious terrier and everything must be examined carefully. He loves ropes and hard toys and adores antlers. He’s very sweet with humans. He lacks confidence around other dogs and responds by barking. Bailey does well in a crate and stays quiet most of the day.  We have noticed that Bailey can be possessive of his toys/bones and it will be important for his new home to teach him from the very beginning that all things are not his “for the having.” This will come by setting clear boundaries and teaching Bailey that his humans will provide things for him but he is not to take them. For this reason, he would not do well in a home with small children. If there are to be children in the home, we would recommend they be 12 years of age or older.

Bailey was reported to have had separation anxiety in the past and would love a home where his owners are around with him most of the time.  That being said, he has shown himself to be very content alone if he is in his crate.