Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix
Age: 14 years
Size:  80 lbs
Health: Overweight, arthritis

Ideal Match: Someone looking for a sweet, mellow dog to enjoy!

This is Bandit and she is just a dream. Bandit is a senior dog who is looking for her forever home where she can just be her sweet, docile self. Bandit is not attention seeking, but loves to receive love whenever it is available for her. She is great with everyone…dogs, kids, people, etc. During her time at LCALs she has not been around cats, but with her easy going personality, we would guess she would do well. 

Bandit is house trained and crate trained. She walks great on a leash, walking beside her owner and not bothered by any noises. She is food motivated and would respond well to training. Since we are working on reducing her weight, she is on a diet so her “treats” are pieces on her daily kibble ration. 

It seems like Bandit’s life before now did not include the level of fun she deserves. He does not seem to understand that playing with dog toys is fun or running to catch a ball is fun. We are hoping her forever home will teach her all the joys of life!