Breed: Australian Cattledog mix
Age: 1 year
Size: 30lbs
Health: Healthy, neutered

Ideal Match: A home with a knowledgeable handler to assert boundaries


Bocce is a smart boy and a total bundle of love. He enjoys walks and car rides. He loves to play with other dogs and has a respectful play style. He is housebroken and knows some commands. He is very trainable and responsive to corrections. He is a cattledog mix, so he is a smart, working dog. He would enjoy continued training or having a job.

Bocce came to us as a medical needs dog who was picked up as a stray, and had to have his tail amputated. He has since healed, but can be sensitive about his hind quarter area and shouldn’t be touched there at this point. 

Cattle dogs were bred to herd cattle and will often do this by using force, including nipping. As a result, herding and nipping are behaviors we can see in dogs with this breed in their background and Bocce has displayed a tendency to nip at times as well as chase things which are moving, such as skateboards, bicycles, etc. These are behaviors we are working to redirect and provide him with other outlets but he will require continued work with his new owner to help him channel these energies correctly in a suburban environment.

Because he is super cute and super sweet, we humans want to let him “have his way,” which is exactly what he doesn’t need as he can be a little possessive—of his space, his toys, and even his owner. Bocce is learning how to earn these resources and will be most successful in a home that is able to continue teaching him how to be respectful.

Bocce’s new home should have previous dog experience and if there are children in the home, they should be 12 yrs of age or older.

He has been through a lot over the last few months but remains playful, affectionate, and sweet with dogs and people. Is he your next family member?