Breed: Lab Mix
Size:  28 lbs
Health: Healthy, neutered

Ideal Match: A calm, patient owner who wants a playful snuggler!


When you look into Bolo’s soulful eyes you can see there is a sweet, gentle soul there just waiting for the right person so he can feel safe to be himself. Bolo initially can struggle when meeting new people and can be particular about how you approach him, but once he knows he can trust you (which can happen quickly if approached correctly), he quickly shows you his sweet, playful side. Bolo gets overwhelmed in loud, busy environments and would do best in a low traffic house. He has shown us that he can do well in a home with kids and cats, but it is important that he is in a home that is not too loud or hectic.  

Bolo is house trained and crate trained. He enjoys taking his afternoon naps in his crate. He loves a good walk and is quickly learning leash skills.

Bolo can be sensitive to how you approach him – particularly how his leash is put on or taken off his neck. He will need an owner who can be patient as they get to know him and his triggers to provide him a feeling of safety and build his confidence. Once he feels safe, he loves to snuggle and wag his tail.