Breed: Pitbull
Age: 10 years
Size: 78 lbs
Health: Chronic kidney disease, neutered

Ideal Match: A home willing to provide a little extra medical care to a wonderful dog who just wants to be where you are


Boris is an absolute love of a dog who enjoys short walks and all the cuddles and pets he can get. He walks well on a leash but he is a strong dog who needs a capable handler. He’d love to hang with his owners and snuggle, and would love a yard with a patch of grass to roll around in. 

Unfortunately his medical workup revealed Boris to have chronic kidney disease, which will require management including a special diet, medications and the administration of subcutaneous fluids. He is extremely tolerant of any medical treatments that have been required and just goes on with his day.  

We would still LOVE to find that special forever home for Boris but until that time, Last Chance at Life will make sure that he needs are provided for and that he gets all the love this special guy deserves : )