Captain Tom

Breed:  German Shepherd
Age: 6 months
Size: 40-45 lbs
Health: Broken leg (twice) rehabilitation

Not Yet Available for Adoption, No Applications Accepted


Sometimes, it seems like certain dogs just can’t get a break. Well, in Captain Tom’s case, he has two now. 🙁

When Captain Tom came to us in May, he had a broken humerus (Break #1)—fractured into three parts just above his elbow—from being hit by a car. Fast forward to June… he was progressing well and was scheduled to have his recheck radiology and get one of the pins removed. A few days before his recheck, while standing only a foot away from his foster mom, he tried to take off to play and something went horribly wrong—Break #2. Yes, that is right. He sustained a fracture of the radius, just below the elbow on the same side. He underwent a second surgery for repair of Break #2.

The good news was… the original fracture was well healed and the pin was removed! And he returned back home with his foster mama. The bad news was he had to start 6 more weeks of SEVERE restrictions, this time wearing a splint.

Captain Tom’s front leg is still weak. When his foster mom walks him she needs two leashes. One leash attached to a medical harness made to control his body weight so he does not put too much weight on his leg, and a normal leash to control his head. It may require months of rehabilitation before his leg is strong enough not to be at risk of another break. He is lucky to have an amazing foster mama taking care of him.