Sex: Female
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Age: 8 years
Size: 7 lbs
Health: Good

Ideal Match: A calm, patient home that will continue helping this girl build confidence and feel safe


Carmelo came to us terrified of everything, and is in a foster learning to feel safe. It is going well but will take some time. She is not ready for adoption yet, but we wanted to keep her on the page to share her journey.
Day 1 (April 10): Carmelo arrives at her foster home and her kennel is set up inside of a pen – her own safe spot to unwind without interference.
Day 2 (April 11): Carmelo ventured out overnight for a meal. Today she stuck her front bits out for kibble and water. She also played subtle peek a boo with her foster mom through her cage door. Those ears! Have you ever seen a grander pair?
Day 3 (April 13): She finally shows herself! Not for long. but more than yesterday. And her foster mom got to pet her a little inside her crate. She’s ever watchful through those holes in the side.
Day 4 (April 14): Carmelo’s foster mama thinks this new arrangement is great! It gives Carmelo a more open view of life outside the crate (which involves lots of harmless animal love). She’s not as sure. Her foster mom shut the crate but didn’t lock it and Carmelo seemed to relax some. Plus Carmelo will feel independent when she pushes it open. In theory anyway!
Day 5 (April 15): Little sweetness made it out of her crate. She still doesn’t want to be touched. But at least she’s out watching her foster family (her foster mom, mostly). She’s still matching the appetite of a dog much larger than herself – the poor thing must have been starved.
Progress every day. We can’t wait until she trusts her foster mom enough to come out and interact! We’ll let you know when the time comes!