Sex: Female
Breed: Mini Heeler
Age: 1 year
Size: 20-25 lbs
Health: Good, will be spayed prior to adoption

Ideal Match: A home that will help her build confidence to be okay on her own


Chelsea came to us as a shy dog who, once she warmed up, wouldn’t stay off of you. While we loved her snuggles, we recognized that if we weren’t careful, we could cultivate her insecurity further and cause her to struggle with separation anxiety. We decided on a 25/75 rule for her – 25% of the time we could cuddle and pet and appreciate her love… and 75% of the time we needed to help build her confidence by focusing on training and impulse control. Chelsea has done great with this rule, becoming a happier and more confident dog. We recommend continuing with her training to help her be the best dog she can be. This sweet girl will make a wonderful companion!
We recommend a quieter, low traffic home for her, no cats, and any kids should be 14+.