Breed: German Shepherd mix
Age: 1 year
Size: 55 lbs
Health: Good, neutered

Ideal Match: Someone committed to providing training and structure to a sweet Shepherd puppy!

Chevy is a sweet German Shepherd puppy that came to us from Animal Friends of the Valley. Chevy has quickly stolen the hearts of all LCAL staff with his big ears and cute little head tilts.

Chevy has not had the easiest life so far as he has been rehomed three times prior to coming to LCAL. It is clear that Chevy has not been given the structure, consistency, and boundaries that he needs in order to thrive. Chevy is anxious and struggles in new environments and environments where he does not feel comfortable. He can take a long time to build his confidence, and will often struggle with minor changes. Chevy is not a dog for a first time shepherd owner and we do not recommend Chevy to live with children.

Chevy’s new home will need to have the patience and time to slowly introduce him to new experiences while showing him how to manage his anxiety in those moments. Chevy’s first instinct is often incorrect, and he’ll need consistent guidance to teach the correct response. Chevy has a playmate at the rescue, and is learning how to play well with another dog. He plays in the same high-energy, anxious behavior as he does everything else, and the other dog would need to match his energy level when playing.

Chevy is ready for the right home! He is treat motivated and crate trained, great tools for an experienced home to continue building his confidence.