Breed: German Shepherd mix
Age: 11 months
Size: 55 lbs
Health: Good, neutered

Ideal Match: Someone committed to providing training and structure to a sweet Shepherd puppy!

Chevy is a sweet German Shepherd puppy that came to us from Animal Friends of the Valley. Chevy has quickly stolen the hearts of all LCAL staff with his big ears and cute little head tilts.

Chevy has not had the easiest life so far as he has been rehomed three times prior to coming to LCAL. It is clear that Chevy has not been given the structure, consistency, and boundaries that he needs in order to thrive. When Chevy first arrived at LCAL, he appeared highly anxious with very little manners and a lot of built up stress. Since then staff and volunteers have implemented a clear routine and training schedule which has helped Chevy to make huge strides. Chevy loves attention and will melt to the floor when somebody gives him pets. He is highly motivated by treats, which greatly helps in training and implementing structure for him in a positive way. Chevy is already making progress on walking on a leash, which we will continue to work with him on until adoption. Chevy, like most shepherds, is smart and will do best in a family that is committed to both mental and physical stimulation.