Breed: Retriever Mix
Age: 9 months
Size: 49lbs
Health: Good, to be neutered before adoption

Ideal Match: Family willing to train and exercise an energetic puppy

Cody is a handsome and smart young dog who can learn quickly! He has lots of puppy energy and needs an owner who has the time for structured training and both mental and physical stimulation.  He can be a lot of fun for someone who will enjoy a high energy dog who likes to learn! 

Cody is food and toy motivated, making him a good candidate for training – whether it is in basic obedience, rally, or even tricks. He is potty trained and does well with a crate when sleeping or when his owner is away. Cody loves to play fetch and tug of war. He loves to play with other dogs, but would be the best fit for a dog who also has a desire to play; he could be too much for a more senior dog. Cody has a high prey drive and does not do well with cats in the home.

In a foster home Cody has shown that he can be great around kids. Due to his level of excitability, we would recommend the family be ready to only leave him with kids when supervised while he learns from the consistent training in the home. Cody has not shown any signs of aggression towards people, even when touched while eating or taking preferred items from him.  Cody can have mouthy puppy behavior, but has responded well to redirection from others to stop this and redirect to more appropriate play. Cody does well on a leash and would make a great jogging buddy for someone.