Sex: Male
Breed: Boxer
Age: 10 months
Size: 50-60 lbs
Health: Good, hearing impaired, will be neutered prior to adoption

Ideal Match: A family looking to love on a young boxer (or two!)


Dash came in to our rescue with Speck, a 1-year-old female boxer that he lived with from the time he was 8 weeks old. Dash and Speck are people friendly and lived in a home with men, women, teenagers and children. Dash is hearing impaired (mostly deaf, but he can hear if there are no loud sounds around). He is good at sign motions. Dash loves to run and play and he gets along great with most dogs. He is house trained.

While we’d like to adopt out Dash and Speck together, we are open to adopting them out separately if needed. They are not litter mates, but they grew up together since Dash was 8 weeks old. Due to his hearing impairment, growing up Dash has always taken his cues from Speck. If Dash is not rehomed with Speck, we’d like to his new home to have another dog.