Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 6 years
Size: TBD lbs
Health: Medical intake pending

Ideal Match: TBD


Deeker is a sweet, loving dog. When you sit down he comes over to request pets. He’s a fluffy guy and appreciates being scratched and brushed. Overall he seems laid back and like he’d enjoy just hanging around the house with his people. Deeker is a big boy who could stand to lose some weight, and will need his owner’s help to do so to get him in better health.

Deeker appears housetrained. He does not seem to know any commands yet, but he is well mannered and does not jump.

In the kennel Deeker doesn’t react to the other dogs so far. Same when he sees other dogs on leash. However, if a crow lands on his property he has something to say about it!

Deeker’s medical intake is pending. He needs to lose 20-30 lbs. He struggles to get up from a lying down position when on smooth surfaces, and needs mats to give him traction to stand. Once he is up he is fine and walks like a senior.

Deeker was surrendered to us after his owner passed away.