Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 7 years
Size: 91 lbs
Health: Neutered, arthritis in the hips, on a liver supplement

Ideal Match: A home looking for a sweet shepherd to hang out with!

Deeker is a sweet, loving dog who found his way to Last Chance at Life when his owner passed away.  In his previous home, Deeker lived with an older male german shepherd who he got along with very well. He also spent time with his owner’s grandchildren who were middle to high school age and enjoyed their company. 

When Deeker first arrived at LCAL he was significantly overweight, struggled to stand up without support, and his intake exam found elevated liver values per his labwork and a dreadful ear infection. Since receiving care from our team at LCAL, his ear infection has been resolved, he has lost over 30 lbs, and he no longer requires help to stand up. He is excited to go on walks for upwards of 30-40 minutes which seemed inconceivable at the beginning. His liver values improved but we continue to monitor them and have him on a liver supplement.

When you sit down Deeker immediately comes over to request pets. He’s a fluffy guy and appreciates being scratched and brushed. HIs favorite thing is being sprayed with the hose, especially a light misting which feels great on a hot day. Deeker is generally pretty mellow and just wants to hang out, get pets and play tug of war with a rope toy. Because of the pain caused by his weight and arthritis, he is occasionally body sensitive especially around his back legs. He needs a family that can respect and read the signals that he is uncomfortable with their touch and adjust appropriately. Deeker is housetrained, well mannered and does not jump.

Deeker has shown some resource guarding towards food as well as certain toys. This guarding resulted in two incidents with bites.  We have consulted with our trainer and the staff have been implementing the techniques suggested to address this behavior.  We have been seeing marked improvement in his responsiveness to his handler and a decrease in his desire to move towards the food or toy.

Deeker is one of our longest residents of the rescue and is MORE than ready to find his new forever home.  He would love to find a home that is low traffic with no young children (16 yrs and above are OK) where he can relax and enjoy the attention of “his new people”.  He walks nicely on a leash, is neutral towards other dogs and enjoys the occasional belly rub. Overall, he is a pretty easy going guy who is ready to get out of the kennel setting and into a home.  

Might your home be the right one for him?