Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 6 years
Size: 91 lbs
Health: healthy, neutered

Ideal Match: A home looking for a sweet shepherd to hang out with

Deeker is a sweet, loving dog who found his way to Last Chance at Life when his owner passed away. In his previous home, Deeker lived with an older male german shepherd who he got along with very well. He also spent time with his owner’s grandchildren who were middle to high school age and enjoyed their company.

When Deeker first arrived at LCAL he was quite overweight, could not stand up without support, and his intake exam found elevated liver values and a dreadful ear infection. Since receiving care from our team at LCAL, his ear infection has been resolved; his bloodwork is normal range; he has lost approximately 30 lbs, from 120 lbs at intake to now 91 lbs; and he no longer requires support to stand up. He is excited to go on walks for upwards of 30-40 minutes and will break into a run from time to time which seemed inconceivable at the beginning.

Deeker will need a committed family (no children) to help him work through a few of his behavioral quirks. We have noticed a tendency to resource guard food and some of his favorite toys. I mean who wouldn’t when put on a pretty strict diet? Since coming to LCAL, Deeker has had two incidents with volunteers that ended in a bite and mandatory quarantine. Though a bite is never warranted we are beginning to notice patterns/situations that led to these incidents and we know that they can be avoided with careful consideration.

Deeker has been with LCAL for over 6 months and is anxiously awaiting a family who could give him the consistency and trust he needs to thrive. Our Kennel Supervisor who works with him most closely says that he is wonderful on leash (only pulls if he sees trash or food on the ground), potty trained, loves a good pet and often rolls over on his back to receive belly rubs.

Do you think you could be Deeker’s saving grace? He’s ready to get out of here!