Sex: Male
Breed: Boxer
Age: 5-6 years old
Size: 55-60 lbs
Health: Recovering from skin issues, otherwise good

Ideal Match: A boxer lover looking for a new best friend


This boxer boy is absolute perfection! He is a behavioral angel in his foster home – crate trained, great with all of the other dogs both big and small in the home (as well as the pig!), and walks perfectly on a leash. He also takes his medications and baths like a champ, sitting and wagging his tail the entire time. He just wants to snuggle and love you! His skin, ear and eye infections have cleared up and he will be a wonderful addition to any home.  He does have a diagnosed Squamous cell Carcinoma lesion on his inner eyelid. No metastasis has occurred (chest x-rays and lymph node aspirates were clear) and since squamous cell carcinoma is a slow growing cancer that is unlikely to metastasize he is ready to join his new family that will closely monitor that spot.