Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 1 year old
Size: 65 but needs to gain some weight
Health: Good, spayed

Ideal Match: A Shepherd savvy home, committed to training and looking for a devoted companion


Fiona is a smart, treat-motivated girl who came to us from one of the LA shelters.  She had been there for a few months and had developed a reputation for being a little difficult to handle.  Well, Fiona is proving them wrong!

We started immediately on marker training, teaching leash pressure, developing eye contact, and some early obedience. She is showing the ability to walk nicely on a loose leash and is learning about duration work.  Fiona is eager to please her handler and enjoys having a job to do.

She is a beautiful young female shepherd with a lot of potential.  Fiona will need an owner with previous shepherd experience and who has the time to devote to continuing with her training. She is intelligent, engaging, playful and … at times stubborn.  If provided clear, consistent communication, Fiona will be able to channel these attributes in a positive direction and develop into the best dog she can be! 

We have had limited time to assess her dog-to-dog interactions.  She appears dog friendly but selective. She would do best in a low traffic home.

We are still learning more about her, but we’re thinking with this girl we’ve truly found a diamond in the rough!