Sex: Male
Breed: Mealy Amazon Parrot
Age: 35
Health: Impaired vision due to cataracts


Meet George! George came to Last Chance At Life Animal Rescue when his owner could no longer take care of him. He is a total sweetheart, but like many amazon parrots, he can be picky about who he bonds with. So far, he has shown a preference for women, but doesn’t completely dislike men either.

George is a Mealy Amazon. He developed cataracts about 5 years ago. We must move very slow around George due to his impaired vision. He responds to a calm, reassuring voice. He chatters and loves to make all kinds of adorable little chirping noises. George is 35 years old which puts him in middle age. Typical lifespan for an amazon parrot is 80-100 years! George is a joy to be around, and is really looking forward to meeting his new family!