Sex: Female
Breed: Boxer Mix
Age: 1 Year
Size: 40 lbs
Health: Believe she has a partial hearing deficit, otherwise healthy

Ideal Match:  Active Family or Individual, with at least one dog


Ghost is ALL PUPPY. Above all, Ghost is sweet. She is also playful, energetic, cuddly, and mischievous.  She loves her pack, both canine and human and likes to know where everyone is at all times. She is great with big kids, but doesn’t have a great sense of where her body is in space yet so babies and toddlers could get toppled. She loves to play ball (any kind of ball) and is great on leash.

She knows (and can hear) her name, but certain sounds are out of range so we use signs for no, crate, off, potty. As she gets more comfortable and familiar with us and our house, we have to sign less, but she is literally quiet as a ghost (unless she is rough housing with kids or dogs) so we have to keep a close eye on her or she is off and into (or on-to) something. She is crate trained and at this point absolutely needs to be in her house if nobody is around to supervise. She is SO SWEET AND FUN!!