Lastchanceatlife Gracie D3X 2121 LogoGorgeous Gracie came to us a few weeks ago from Long Beach City shelter needing ACL surgery. She was immediately seen by our orthopedic surgeon, and he fixed her up and she’s been on the road to recovery — now ready for adoption!  She was kenneled with another dog at the shelter, but she came to us, she’s shown to be pretty dog reactive.  We’ve tested her with a submissive, calm, stable male Boxer, and she had zero issues, so we know she’s capable of liking other dogs, she’s just very selective.  For now, we recommend her as an only dog or with a calm, stable male dog. She needs some leash work, and she’s learning her basic commands with #TeamLCAL. She is approximately 6 years young and has been wonderful with all the people she’s met and those that work with her from day to day!  

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