Last Chance at Life All Breed Rescue has so many great volunteers, groups, supporters and more that help keep us operating and staying successful at what we love to do — saving animals!  With gratitude … we thank you!

Shiloh Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Lynsey Rosen and Dr. Julie Anderson: Shiloh Mobile Veterinary Hospital provides full-service pet medical care right at your doorstep. They cater to dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, and all kinds of exotic pets. We are so grateful and appreciative for Dr. Rosen and Dr. Anderson’s services and the love they provide for the dogs at our rescue.

MABH 29 High ResVCA Mission Animal and Bird Hospital: Located in Oceanside, this 11,000 sq/ft state-of-the-art veterinary facility is where we take all of our LCAL critters for their medical intake processes and their continued treatments while in our care. Their entire staff works long and hard for their clients and also for LCAL animals that are being nursed back to health. They are opened 24-hours, 365 days a year, and they now offer mobile veterinary services for small animals and cats. We are beyond grateful for the services they provide for our rescue, year after year.

Dog Sense Training, Pamela Chandler: Pam with Dog Sense Training generously invites the LCAL orphans to her pack walks free of charge. She also sponsors LCAL orphans to be in her basic training classes when she has openings. When we have a more challenging dog, she is always willing to come to our adoption center and help us learn how best to work with that dog. Pam volunteered with LCAL for a long time before scaling back in order to launch her dog training business. Our rescue truly wouldn’t exist without her. She is amazingly talented and special as a trainer and we cannot recommend her enough.

Alan Hess Photog ImageAlan Hess Photography: Alan has donated hours upon hours to train and teach us on how to use and run our website, and he has also photographed some of our adoptable animals to include in his photography books, helping them gain exposure for adoption as well as promoting our rescue work.  He and his lovely wife Nadra are also the proud pet parents to two LCAL Boxers — Hobbes and Maggie!  Be sure to check out his web page and follow his work to see all of his amazing talents displayed.  And if you’re local to San Diego and happen to visit the Valley View Casino Center (also known as the old San Diego Sports Arena), you’ll really appreciate his work as it’s covering the massive walls of the sports/concert venue!  It’s a must-see!  He’s a true talent, a true animal advocate, and his expertise and friendship are invaluable to LCAL!

Sunsets Unleashed, Audrey Ricks: Audrey donates her time to provide pet photography services for use in our social media, website, event ads, helping us get our adoptable animals noticed. . . and adopted into forever homes! She also hosts several pet photo fundraisers throughout the year and donates the proceeds back to LCAL! Be sure to follow her photography, Facebook/Instagram pages to see some of her behind-the-scenes work with our group and to learn when she’ll be hosting her next pet photography fundraising events!

LCAL’s website designer is Evan Scheingross out of San Diego, California. Evan worked with our group to ensure we had a quality website that represented our brand/group well and kept us within an affordable budget for our nonprofit group. In addition, he continues to guide and advise us on how to make our website work best for us, and he always provides us with a discount of services for being a nonprofit. He is always quick to respond to our inquiries, very knowledgeable about everything Web design related, and he is a consummate professional at all times! We SO appreciate his expertise and assistance!

The Home Depot Foundation: Every day we walk into our shelter we thank our lucky stars for The Home Depot Foundation! Our lobby used to resemble that of a veterinarian’s office: seating, a big front desk dividing the room in two, and generally a lot of space that we did not use. The Home Depot Foundation provided the supplies and the volunteers to completely revamp the space into a lovely, open room where we can hang out, our dogs can run and play, we can enjoy community events, and so on.

Jerome’s: Jerome’s generously donated furniture to fill up our renovated lobby and add the finishing touches to turn it into a lovely, warm, cozy space. We love our couch and chair, our coffee table, our fireplace, and so on. Thank you so much, Jerome’s! We enjoy your gift every day!

Bob Cartin, DVM: Long ago, Dr. Cartin made a series of deals with our president, Lisa Hamilton, that each went like this: “If you find this animal a home, I will provide it with the veterinary care it needs to get healthy.” Lisa’s answer was always the same: “Heck yes!” Their combined effort to save one animal at a time snowballed into what later became Last Chance at Life.

The Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation: We are so grateful for The Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation. Without its generosity and its help with countless fundraising events, there is a good chance that LCAL would no longer be serving the community of homeless dogs that need us today.