Sex: Female
Breed: Havanese Mix
Age: 5 Months
Size: 10-15 lbs
Health: She has Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a heart defect for which there is a curative surgical procedure

Ideal Match:  Someone looking for a little buddy who likes to snuggle and has a fair amount of energy


You would never know this spunky little girl had a heart defect as she is full of energy and loves to play. Halia loves her human friends and hasn’t met a dog she didn’t like either.  She is extremely friendly and loves to cuddle as well.  Whether she is riding next to you in the car or sitting with you on the couch, she doesn’t care as long as it means she can be near you!  And by the way, she is scheduled for her heart surgery which will cure her condition so look out world….here she comes!