Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 5 years
Size: 60-65 lbs
Health: Currently recovering from kennel cough but healthy otherwise and full recovery expected

Ideal Match:  A semi-active home


The first thing this gorgeous girl will do when she meets you is put her head in your lap.  She just wants to cuddle and be close.  Maybe she is trying to make up for all of the time she seems to have spent outside in the past as evidenced by the flystrike on her ears.  Even though the tips are gone (thanks to the flies), she hears fine and she is beautiful in every other way.  Harper is a little insecure at times so we will be working on building her confidence.  She is a joy to walk with and seems to get along fine with other dogs.  She hasn’t been with us very long so we look forward to getting to know her more…..