Sex: Male
Breed: Boxer mix
Age: 9 years old
Size: 56 lbs
Health: Good, neutered

Ideal Match: A calm home with an owner who enjoys walks and is looking for a new best bud


Henry is a happy boy and is quite athletic when he wants to be. Despite his age and couple of bumps, he is quite bouncy and great for walks and hiking. Henry is a little reserved at first, but a great companion once he warms up. Henry loves his walks and does well on a leash. He wants to be a snuggle bug.

Crate training is going great and he sleeps through the night. He has never had an accident in his foster home. He is respectful with food and soft when taking it. He is learning to ride bikes with his foster dad, and how to shake.

He’d probably do best in a low-traffic home while he gets his confidence back.

Based on a dog-to-dog interaction at the shelter where he was before coming to LCAL, Henry prefers a slow introduction to other dogs. Given that, he behaves respectfully and politely with other dogs.