Breed: German Shepherd
Age:  2 years
Sex:  Male
Size:  66 lbs
Health: Good

Ideal Match: A calm, patient and loving household where Howie can grow into a confident, secure friend to his adopters


Howie was transferred from Carlsbad North County Animal Shelter to LCAL. He had been hit by a car and suffered some neurological damage, but doesn’t let that stop him! He quickly began to show signs of recovery! Although his back legs are a little wobbly, Howie is able to walk at a normal and fast pace all on his own. He was dog tested at DAS with a 3 legged male Pit Bull where he appeared cautious but curious.

To no surprise he is somewhat fearful of cars and backs away when they are near.
Howie is as sweet as can be and has proven to be very sociable with people. He loves to play, enjoys affection but is also content laying on a dog bed and napping near his person.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to test him and begin to learning more about Howie here at LCAL!