Breed: Husky mix
Age: 4 months
Size: 20 lbs
Health: Spayed, respiratory congestion, broken tibia hind leg

Icicle is not yet available for adoption — no applications accepted


Icicle is a great puppy all around: playful, friendly, loving and smart. She’s also SO SOFT, and of course stunning. She came to us via San Diego Humane Society after struggling with episodes of respiratory distress, GI issues, and then Parvo on top of it all. It was a rough month, but she passed Parvo and her belly symptoms resolved.

She moved to a foster home where she still had congested breathing when excited, but it was getting better with limiting activity. Just as her breathing started sounding better, she got excited for breakfast and jumped wrong, fracturing her left back tibia.

Icicle is now in medical foster recovering from the fracture. She needs weekly bandage/splint changes for 4 weeks. Her foster is working to keep her busy but off her feet with frozen slow feeders, puzzle toys, and Place training.

Icicle is not available for adoption yet, and we are not accepting applications for her at this time.