Abby Profile


Breed: Husky Mix
Age: 2 yrs
Size:  31 lbs
Health: Healthy, spayed

Ideal Match: Anyone looking for a gentle yet active girl who loves to love!


Sweet Jenny with her piercing blue eyes! She is a gentle girl who loves scratches and attention from others. She is best described as respectfully curious. She is often seen walking around checking things out and will walk up to all people to say hello. She causes no trouble in her curiosity but wants to know all people, dogs, and people in her world.

Jenny is a smart girl who is treat motivated, which should make it easy to teach her anything. She is good on a leash and looks to her person for direction while she walks. She is crate trained and house trained. She does well with other dogs and is currently enjoying play time with her foster fur sibling. As she gets more and more comfortable, we are seeing that she has energy and would enjoy regular outdoor play time. She currently likes to run circles around the house and yard with her foster fur sibling. She has been known to run so fast that some in her foster home say she runs “cheetah fast.” She does great with kids and is currently in a foster home with young kids. She is so gentle in her approach with everyone that she would do really well in a home with kids of all ages.

We are sure it will take no time at all for this beautiful girl to find her forever home!